Fighting For Peace: Ed Catu’s Story

I stood in the iconic quadrangle of the University of Sydney, armed with my cameraman Danny and sound woman Candace. I didn’t know much about the man I was to meet, just that he had been involved in several insurrections against the Muslim population of the Philippines. I had spoken to him once, but I sure didn’t know who I was looking for. My phone buzzed to life to inform me that the man I was waiting for was standing outside of the quad, waiting for me. I walked out, looked around. A graduation had just ended and there was a sea of people surrounding me. A man stood in black, he was watching me. Was it him I was to meet? I nodded in his direction and checked me phone, the universal signal that I was waiting for someone. As he walked forward, I saw his eyes. They were clear, honest and gentle. He extended his hand and I took it in both hands. Firm, strong, but gentle. This was not the man I expected to meet. This was not a man hardened by his horrific experiences in battle like I had expected. His story moved me, inspired me and spoke to me deeply. I have interviewed many of all different walks of life, but I have never been so deeply affected by anyone’s story.


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