The Advantages of Light

Winning in Sexual Integrity


Certain plants seem to thrive in the dark. Mushrooms are a classic example. Similarly behaviours and habits we are ashamed of thrive in the darkness. This is no more true then with sexual habits we want to be rid of. The more we hide the fact these habits exist, the bigger they seem to grow.

Conversely, a healthy dose of sunlight will kill off mushrooms very quickly. Want to take the first step to freedom from an unwanted sexual habit? Get it in the light. Tell somebody you trust. You will not win the war at this point, but this is where you start winning.

Who should you tell?

Someone who loves you. Someone who is committed to helping you be the person God made you to be. Someone who won’t judge you for what you’ve done. Someone who knows there is grace at the centre of the universe and…

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