Bible Literacy In Mozambique

Sarah recently completed a short-term mission to Mozambique as part of the Bible Literacy initiative run by the Bible Society’s GodSpeak Advocacy programme.

In this video, Sarah recreates the moment she witnessed the village’s local witch doctor turn to Christ and put her faith in Him.

If you would like to donate to her cause, click the link:

If you would like to know more about the programme, click here:

As long as I’ve known Emma, I feel I’ve known Sarah.

I remember the first time I spoke to Sarah. I was lost on my way to her sister, Emma’s 21st and I called my brother’s girlfriend who handed the phone to her. She was very official and matter-of-fact.

That night, I watched as Sarah danced awkwardly with her sisters, Lisa and Emma. I remember the poem she wrote in honour of Emma. I remember Sarah reading a letter their father had penned for his daughter’s birthday but couldn’t be present to deliver himself.

I remember watching her from a distance, caught in simultaneous fear and respect.

I don’t mean to say that Sarah is frightening. But she is passionate and at times passionate people can appear hostile. In my younger years, I guess I didn’t understand the difference yet. But Sarah is not hostile.

Sarah and Emma are the middle daughters of their parents Chris and Nadine, between their eldest sister Lisa and youngest brother Matt. But Sarah has the spirit of an eldest child. She is what keeps the three sisters together in the absence of their parents. The best way I can describe Sarah’s personality is when a bull-dog is bred with a German shepherd. There’s a certain stubborn determination and drive that cannot be tamed. But there is an untold gentleness and loyalty. We often talk about the beauty of seeing a lion protect a lamb. Sarah is both the lion and the lamb simultaneously.

Before I shot this interview, Sarah was talking to her housemates Gemma and Emma. Sarah explained that in her opinion, a conversation starts with the eyes. “It’s all in the eyes”, she said. For Sarah, it is all about the eyes. Her eyes capture her mystery. From her eyes, her passion stems. And this is the difference between passion and aggression – when Sarah speaks about the topics that touch her heart, there is tenderness in her deep clear eyes. A true and genuine compassion that cannot be faked.

Sarah is real. Her emotions are raw. Her love is unbreakable.


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