Meet The Team: Billy Tang

Image1.When and how did you get involved with Student Life?

I got involved during an enrollment week survey while I looked for a Christian group to join. I attended my first planning meeting before uni started and enjoyed the fellowship and focus on being part of a united purpose to see people come to encounter the real Jesus. In 2014, I officially began working with Student Life after a 2 year process of making the decision, and then raising the support to do so, with my wife Melissa.

2.What exactly is your role with Student Life?

My role is to engage students in the Great Commission. I also equip and train them to become disciples that make disciples. Also, to help students discover their strengths and build on their weaknesses. Ultimately, I want to walk alongside young adults to see them mature in their faith and help them find their role to play in fulfilling the Great Commission.

3.Tell us about the hurdles you have been able to overcome in order to reach fellow students for Christ?

I grew up as someone with low empathy and lacked the confidence to be myself around people. This made talking to people a disingenuous task and I probably resembled the stereotypical used-car-salesman. As I grew in my maturity and I accepted more of my identity in Christ, God moved me to care more about the person I’m speaking to and be less affected by opinions of others, so that I could engage with them in an authentic way.

4.What is the most inspiring book and Bible passage you cling to? Why does it speak to you so much?

Chronicles 30. King Hezekiah has the titanic task of leading a nation that characteristically turns after foreign gods and he comes from a line of kings that have at many times disobeyed God. In spite of all this, as king he leads the nation of Judah to turn back to God and even encourages the rest of Israel to do the same and some – not all –  turn back to God. This passage tells me that God is greater than circumstance and even though the odds may be against me, even though I may not come from a heritage of Christian upbringing or be placed in the middle of a revival, God can use anyone to start one.

5. What has been your most memorable moment working with Student Life?

Not sure yet, just started working but as a student, I loved seeing the community of Christ lived out on campus, on mission and in life. Each person encouraging and serving each other, and committed to seeing God uplifted in each of our own lives.


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