Meet The Team: Jody Kubo

Image1.When and how did you get involved with Student Life?

I first got involved during my uni days in the U.S.A, at San Jose State University back in 1981. I joined the U.S version of Student Life in 1984, then worked on campuses in Japan with Japan’s version of Student Life from 1985-2010. My family and I have been in Sydney since 2010.

2.What exactly is your role with Student Life?

I am the New South Wales Team Leader for Student Life International Movement. My role is to form and coach teams on each university in NSW whose goal is to help international students understand the message of Jesus. For those who become believers in Jesus, our goal is to help them mature enough to be able to return home with solid faith so that they will continue to multiply for the gospel.

3.Tell us about the hurdles you have been able to overcome in order to reach fellow students for Christ?

My family and I have had to adjust to Australian culture, southern hemisphere seasons, different schools schedules, and various health issues. In one health instance, I experienced debilitating pain in my neck, shoulders and arms for 3 months. I had to see a specialist in preparation for an artificial disc replacement in my neck. But after a special time of prayer from my church, the pain went away and I didn’t need surgery. The doctor said this type of neck problem doesn’t just go away.

4.What is the most inspiring book and Bible passage you cling to? Why does it speak to you so much?

My favourite book in the Bible is Ecclesiastes. I am a realist and this book expresses the realities of life without any sugarcoating. Whenever I’m feeling down, I read Ecclesiastes and it gives me comfort. If you read it, you must read the whole book and not skip the last chapter!

5. What has been your most memorable moment working with Student Life?

Last term, I had a group of international students who were checking out the Bible for the first time. They were not believers but we all prayed together. It was fun to see all of them experience specific answers to prayer.


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