Meet the Team

2015 Student Life USYD President

Matt Shim

Matt Shim

1.When and how did you get involved with Student Life?

I was looking for a group of motivated Christians on campus and a mentor recommended that I connect with Student Life. I found the Facebook page and messaged them and that got the ball rolling.

2.What exactly is your role with Student Life?

My role as president is not so clear cut. I think it means to live out the vision of Student Life at Sydney Uni and try to keep the leadership team together and accountable. Hopefully we’ll be able to make things really happen on campus in the next year!

3.Tell us about the hurdles you have been able to overcome in order to reach fellow students for Christ?

I’ve always struggled with telling people about my faith. Although I grew up in a Christian home and grew up going to church, my closest friends were always non-Christians. While I used to be afraid of being different, I now embrace the relationship I have with God and want to share it with everyone.

4.What is the most inspiring book and Bible passage you cling to? Why does it speak to you so much?

I love the book of Romans because it is really packed with so much about how God loves and how important the Gospel really is. It’s really cool to read the words of Paul – a guy who persecuted Christians before finding faith in Christ himself. My favourite passage is Romans 8:38-39 because it really puts into perspective how great God’s love is, and how steadfast it is. There is nothing that can separate us from His love.

5. What has been your most memorable moment working with Student Life?

The most memorable moment would have to be going doorknocking at MYC this year. It isn’t something that I would do normally, and I was full of apprehension at first but I really felt assured by the Spirit and guided by His grace. Although not many people accepted us, I was really encouraged from this.


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